12th Apr 2020

Wedding photographer Johannesburg

Finding the perfect wedding photographer is one of the most difficult yet most important things to do whilst planning your wedding.

Once you have booked your wedding venue, which in itself can eb so exciting and exhausting – i’ve been there, i’ll admit it!

You need to then start looking at as many professional photographers as possible. Johannesburg has incredibly talented photographers, it will seem like a very daunting task!

Each one of us has our own taste and expectation. Thankfully you have choices, once you decide what style you are after it will become much clearer to you as to who your photographer should be.

I would love to be your photographer, on this momentous occasion of your life! Please browse through my galleries and chat to me about your life and style you want.

Alas… if I am not the one for you, being style or budget here are some helpful hints for your decision making. I love nothing more than a perfect love story documented passionately, i’ll help anyway I can for you to achieve that.

1- Cost. Realistically, your budget is going to affect who you can afford with you on this da. BUT, if you want the best it isn’t going to be a cheap special, my advice is to save and ask your photographer if they have a payment plan. This is something that lasts longer than flowers / Dj’s / dresses… spend on the memories!

2- Style. Every photographer has their own style, and that said so do you. Find what you’re looking for and don’t be shy to ask photographers if they can do it. Not all photographers post all their images online, you’d be surprised at the amount we don’t share 🙂

3- Personality. This is huge! Meet your photographer… go for coffee, browse through galleries and have a conversation. This is a person you will be spending the entire day with. A person that will be getting you to smile naturally when I promise you will be sick of smiling for hours on end. LOL… Someone who will be bubbly and help capture the mood of the day. Wont be shy to approach your guests and get those shots you will miss.

Compile a list of questions and ask away… no question is a bad one!

Don’t sweat the small stuff… the day goes by so quickly, choose a photographer who understands your vision or if you need someone to help you create it, choose that person!

Good luck!!

This is such a special day… wedding bells are ringing!! Enjoy every minute!

I am a Johannesburg wedding photographer, I reside in Hartbeespoort, Harties. There are many beautiful wedding venues in our country and I have been very blessed to capture many couples on their special wedding day. Hope to see you next!

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